2023-04-29 GP dance, I.B. Park

user: Moose Flores


by: Moose Flores

introduces moves: allemande, swing, petronella, do si do, dolphin hey, meltdown swing

formation: improper

Designate Ones and Twos

A1 8
ladles allemande left 1½
partners swing
A2 8
balance & petronella
neighbors do si do ¾ as couples +
B1 16
dolphin hey - start with ones passing second gentlespoon by right shoulders, and ending after the first passing is repeated.
B2 16
neighbors meltdown swing ⁋
  • do si do as couples: partners, as a unit, do si do around neighbors, 3/4 way around, making a line of four (gentlespoons in the middle), and all face the center.

Dolphin Poussette

by: Moose Flores

reversed the rollaway to improve the flow.

introduces moves: balance the ring, roll away, poussette, custom

formation: improper

Designate Ones and Twos. Have ones step between twos and face Gentlespoon 2.

A1 16
dolphin hey - start with ones passing second gentlespoon by right shoulders, complete the hey and do one extra crossing
A2 16
partners meltdown swing (on the ladle’s home side)
B1 8
gentlespoons allemande left 1½
neighbors swing
B2 4
balance the ring
ladles roll away neighbors with a half sashay and hold on to patner with both hands
half poussette - gentlespoons pull partners back then left ⁋
Twos separate, ones go between new neighbors

First Night of Passover

by: Elizabeth Bloom Albert

Make sure to teach Contra Corners to the no.2 couples!

This dance is not published.

Shadow Boxing

by: Elizabeth Bloom Albert

Give good instructions for the end effects.

introduces moves: star, form long waves, Rory O'More, box circulate, long lines, right left through

formation: Becket ccw

A1 8
star left 4 places
form long waves - ladles face in, gentlespoons face out
balance & Rory O'More right with your Shadow
A2 8
balance & box circulate - ladles cross while gentlespoons loop left
balance & box circulate - gentlespoons cross while ladles loop left
B1 16
partners balance & swing
B2 8
long lines forward & back
left diagonal right left through ⁋

Double progression
At top/bottom) dancers will stand out with their Shadow. Trade places then wait for your partner; do not participate in the box circulates.

Combine Harvester https://colinhume.com/inst6.htm#Harvester I don't think it works in the time allotted. Or maybe it needs confident dancers who can be ON TIME?