Chet Gray


Actions Title Choreographer Formation
Abolish Mop Snarl Nils Fredland improper
Ad Vielle (Oddville) Erik Weberg Becket, indecent
A Pirate’s Life for Me Nathaniel Jack improper
A Pirate’s Life for Me (variation) Nathaniel Jack improper
A Proper Whoosh Chris Page, Becky Hill proper
Beauty and the Bees John Coffman improper
Chris's Poetic Orangutan Yoyo Zhou improper
Coming Home from Toohollie Janet Shepherd improper
Cross Hey Cary Ravitz cross contra
Dynamic Appeal Gene Hubert improper
East Litchfield Volunteers Jim Gregory improper
Family Contra Sherry Nevins improper or proper
Four Have Sprung Yoyo Zhou Becket
Have I Danced this Before? Nils Fredland improper
Hey the Line Tom Calwell four face four
In the Mood Lindsey Dono, Ron T. Blechner, Yoyo Zhou Becket ccw
Kimmswick Express Gene Hubert square dance
Kitchen Stomp Becky Hill improper
Living in Zen Cary Ravitz indecent
Manifest Density (spatially dense version) 2019 Camp Cavell Dance Music & Spice Callers Course Attendees improper
Midwest Folklore Orace Johnson Becket
Naked in California Nils Fredland improper
Not a Figment of Your Imagination Lynn Ackerson Becket
Pigtown Petronella Cary Ravitz Becket ccw
Reel Easy Cary Ravitz improper
Reel to Reel Cary Ravitz improper
Roll Away (variation) Bill Sudkamp square dance
Royal Wedding Sarah Kaiser improper
Salmonella Evening Steve Zakon-Anderson improper
Salute to Larry Jennings (Larry Jennings variation) Ted Sannella Becket
Salute to Larry Jennings (original) Ted Sannella improper
Shades of Impropriety (variation) Nicholas Rockstroh Becket
Slice and Dice Cary Ravitz Becket
Spring Break Nils Fredland improper
Spring Break (variation) Nils Fredland improper
Starburst Cary Ravitz improper
Stargazer Sarah Kaiser Becket
Star Three Places break [none] square dance break
Summer of '84 Gene Hubert and Steve Schnur improper
Thanks, Charlie Becky Hill improper
The Farmer's Bride Bill Pope improper
The Nice Combination Gene Hubert improper
The Wise People of Chicago Bradley Smith Becket ccw
Thursday Night Special #1 Larry Jennings improper
Trip to Kentucky (variation) Jerome Grisanti improper
Trip to Lambertville Steve Zakon-Anderson improper
Walk Along John to Kansas Sue Rosen improper
Walk Along John to Kansas (shifted) Sue Rosen improper
Weave Well Enough Alone Jim Hemphill four face four
Whirlpool Chris Page triple minor, triad formation


Actions Title
2016-02-22: Louisville, KY
2016-03-14: Louisville, KY
2016-04-11: Louisville, KY (Euphor)
2016-05-29: Louisville, KY (open calling)
2016-07-25: Louisville, KY
2016-08-15: Louisville, KY
2016-09-26: Louisville, KY
2016-10-10: Louisville, KY
2016-12-05: Louisville, KY
2017-01-02: Louisville, KY
2017-01-09: Cincinnati, OH (Sweet Corn String Band)
2017-03-20: Louisville, KY
2017-05-01: Louisville, KY
2017-09-01: Urbana, IL (Snakeroot)
2017-09-11: Louisville, KY (PLANNING)
2017-11-13: Louisville, KY
2017-12-30: Bloomington, IN (Keltricity)
2017-12-31: New Year's Eve, Louisville, KY (Hot Coffee Breakdown)
2018-01-22: Louisville, KY (open calling)
2018-04-09: Cincinnati, OH (Erin Ways)
2018-04-16: Louisville, KY
2018-05-19: St. Louis, MO (Chirps Smith & Friends)
2018-06-04: Louisville, KY
2018-06-18: Louisville, KY (open calling)
2018-07-30: Louisville, KY
2019-01-07: Chicago, IL (Steve Rosen & Friends)
2019-01-08: Indianapolis, IN (Cathy Morris & Dianna Davis)
2019-01-08: Indianapolis, IN (PLANNING)
2019-01-28: Louisville, KY
2019-01-28: Louisville, KY (PLANNING)
2019-03-03: St. Louis, MO (Hot Coffee Breakdown)
2019-03-25: Louisville, KY
2019-05-25: Meet Me in St Louis, Mind-Bending Contras (Turnip the Beet)
2019-07-30: Indianapolis, IN (planning)
2019-09-09: Louisville, KY
2019-10-07: Louisville, KY
????-??-??: Louisville, KY