Chet Gray


Actions Title Choreographer Formation
Four Have Sprung Yoyo Zhou Becket
Hey the Line Tom Calwell four face four
Kimmswick Express Gene Hubert square dance
Not a Figment of Your Imagination Lynn Ackerson Becket
Reel to Reel Cary Ravitz improper
Spring Break Nils Fredland improper
Spring Break (variation) Nils Fredland improper
Stargazer Sarah Kaiser Becket
The Nice Combination Gene Hubert improper
The Wise People of Chicago Bradley Smith Becket ccw
Trip to Kentucky (variation) Jerome Grisanti improper


Actions Title
2016-02-22 Louisville
2016-03-14 Louisville
2016-04-11 Louisville, Euphor
2016-05-29 Louisville, open calling
2016-07-25 Louisville
2016-08-15 Louisville
2016-09-26 Louisville
2016-10-10 Louisville
2016-12-05 Louisville
2017-01-02 Louisville
2017-01-09 Cincinnati, Sweet Corn String Band
2017-03-20 Louisville
2017-05-01 Louisville
2017-09-01 Urbana
2017-09-11 Louisville planning
2017-11-13 Louisville
2017-12-30 Bloomington, Keltricity
2017-12-31 Louisville, Hot Coffee Breakdown, New Year's Eve
2018-01-22 Louisville, open calling
2018-04-09 Cincinnati, Erin Ways
2018-04-16 Louisville
2018-05-19 St. Louis, Chirps Smith & Friends
2018-06-04 Louisville
2018-06-18 Louisville open calling
2018-07-30 Louisville