2016-04-11: Louisville, KY (Euphor)

user: Chet Gray

"Frederick Contra" by Tom Hinds

"Thanks to the Gene" by Tom Hinds


by: Naresh Keswani

This dance is not published.

Kimmswick Express

by: Gene Hubert

break: variations on grand right & left

introduces moves: custom, right left through, circle, pass through, do si do, balance, allemande, swing, promenade

formation: square dance

A1 8
heads forward & back
right left through heads
A2 6
circle left 3 places heads
pass through to face sides
neighbors do si do 1¼ to a wave of 4 (2 ladles in the middle by the left, neighbor right)
B1 4
neighbors balance right & left
neighbors allemande right ½
gentlespoons allemande left ½
partners swing
B2 16
partners promenade to home

Fairport Harbor pass through B2

by: Paul Balliet

introduces moves: turn alone, gyre, chain

formation: Becket

On side of the set with your partner, ladles, face your not-your-partner and freeze.

A1 8
gentlespoons allemande left 1½ same two. Ladles snatch your neighbor in promenade position as he comes in
neighbors promenade along the set on the right counterclockwise big oval
A2 2
ladles turn alone over their right shoulder to ⁋
next neighbors gyre once
neighbors swing
B1 8
neighbors promenade along the set on the right home (til across from partner)
ladles chain to partner
B2 4
pass through across the set
partners swing

Obsoleted by http://contradb.com/dances/504

During the pass through, have the gentlespoons walk ahead of their partner. This improves the transition into the swing.

Paul Balliet notes: The idea to progress in a promenade came from Gene Hubert's dance, "Gang of Four." I first called this at the 1993(?) "Balance and Swim," a favorite dance party thrown by Charlotte and Rich Cobos in West Virginia.

Fairport Harbor lies east of Cleveland along Lake Erie.

Russel Owen Notes:
Teaching tip (especially helpful for less experienced dancers): while dancers are swinging their new neighbor, mention that if you have your partner then you are about to be out. Otherwise such couples may attempt to join the ladles chain.

Calling tip: remind the dancers who are out to join the promenade. It can be difficult to recover if a couple forgets.

This dance is from American Country Dances On Line



"Uptown Downtown" square + "Ladies Chain & Gents Change" break

Summer of '84

by: Gene Hubert

Guest caller Dave Morse

introduces moves: long lines, pull by dancers, form an ocean wave, custom

formation: improper

A1 8
long lines forward & back
gentlespoons pull by right - next gentlespoon is on left diagonal
partners allemande left once
A2 4
form an ocean wave & balance - gentlespoons by right hands and partners by left hands
walk forward to ⁋
form an ocean wave & balance - gentlespoons by right hands and shadows by left hands
shadows allemande left ¾
B1 16
partners balance & swing
B2 8
ladles chain
right left through

co written by Steve Schnur

Midwest Folklore

by: Orace Johnson

This dance is not published.