Turn Alone



formal parameters: who, custom, beats


Dance Figure
504 Wood Street
turn alone ⁋
A Ravitzingly Rosy Recombination
turn alone
An Arm and a Leg
ladles turn alone in
Arizona Becket
turn alone
Between Buffalo and Nowhere
ladles turn alone and go back, gentlespoons keep walking ⁋
Brown Bag Reel
turn alone
CDS Reel
gentlespoons turn alone back
Catch a Falling Star
gentlespoons turn alone over their left shoulder
ladles turn alone one place to a new partner ⁋
Coming Home from Toohollie
turn alone to face next neighbors ⁋
Dick Witt's Circle Mixer
gentlespoons turn alone to join ladle behind
Fairport Harbor Hey B2
ladles turn alone over their right shoulder to ⁋
Fairport Harbor pass through B2
ladles turn alone over their right shoulder to ⁋
ones turn alone an extra half-turn to
turn alone
turn alone
George is Rettie, Willing, and Able
turn alone
Handsome Young Maids
turn alone [turn towards partner]
Have I Danced this Before?
turn alone to face new neighbors ⁋
La String Bean
gentlespoons turn alone
Mary Keith's Harmonium
turn alone
Pedal Pushers
turn alone to face around the ring (gentlespoons 90*, ladles 180*) +
Pigtown Petronella
turn alone to face a new neighbor ⁋
turn alone to face your partner
Pigtown Petronella variation
turn alone to face a new neighbor ⁋
turn alone to face your partner ⁋
Promenade Lemonade
gentlespoons turn alone over left shoulder
Strawberry Swirl
gentlespoons turn alone over your right shoulder
Symmetry in Motion
turn alone and face next neighbors ⁋
The Wedding Ring Circle Mixer
ladles turn alone to meet new partner behind them ⁋
Totally Improper
turn alone left shoulder back – one full turn
Trip to Brattleboro DV #1
ones turn alone over right shoulder
With Thanks to the Gene
gentlespoons turn alone to face new neighbor ⁋

Dances without Turn Alone

Moves Sharing a Dance with Turn Alone


allemande orbit


balance the ring

butterfly whirl




do si do

down the hall

form long waves

give & take



long lines

meltdown swing

pass by

pass through



pull by dancers

right left through

roll away

see saw

slide along set


star promenade

swat the flea


up the hall