Turn Alone



formal parameters: who, custom, beats


Dance Figure
504 Wood Street
turn alone ⁋
A Ravitzingly Rosy Recombination
turn alone
Accretion Reel
turn alone [2]
Accretion Reel (variation)
turn alone - "turn alone, away you fly" ⁋
An Arm and a Leg
ladles turn alone in
Arizona Becket
turn alone
Beauty and the Bees
turn alone to next neighbors
turn alone to Original neighbors
Between Buffalo and Nowhere
ladles turn alone and go back, gentlespoons keep walking ⁋
Brown Bag Reel
turn alone
CDS Reel
gentlespoons turn alone back
Catch a Falling Star
gentlespoons turn alone over their left shoulder
ladles turn alone one place to a new partner ⁋
Coming Home from Toohollie
turn alone to face next neighbors ⁋
Dick Witt's Circle Mixer
gentlespoons turn alone to join ladle behind
Fairport Harbor Hey B2
ladles turn alone over their right shoulder to ⁋
Fairport Harbor pass through B2
ladles turn alone over their right shoulder to ⁋
ones turn alone an extra half-turn to
turn alone
turn alone
George is Rettie, Willing, and Able
turn alone
Handsome Young Maids
turn alone [turn towards partner]
Have I Danced this Before?
turn alone to face new neighbors ⁋
Kitchen Junket
turn alone this a twirl one palce to the right ( petronella )
turn alone twirl one place to the right petronella
La String Bean
gentlespoons turn alone
Mary Keith's Harmonium
turn alone
Night Sail
turn alone (towards your partner) to face next neighbors ⁋
Pedal Pushers
turn alone to face around the ring (gentlespoons 90*, ladles 180*) +
Pigtown Petronella
turn alone to face a new neighbor ⁋
turn alone to face your partner
Pigtown Petronella variation
turn alone to face a new neighbor ⁋
turn alone to face your partner ⁋
Strawberry Swirl
gentlespoons turn alone over your right shoulder
Symmetry in Motion
turn alone and face next neighbors ⁋
The Wedding Ring Circle Mixer
ladles turn alone to meet new partner behind them ⁋
Totally Improper
turn alone left shoulder back – one full turn
Trip to Brattleboro DV #1
ones turn alone over right shoulder
With Thanks to the Gene
gentlespoons turn alone to face new neighbor ⁋

Dances without Turn Alone

Moves Sharing a Dance with Turn Alone


allemande orbit


balance the ring

butterfly whirl




do si do

down the hall

form an ocean wave

form long waves

give & take



long lines

meltdown swing

pass by

pass through



pull by dancers

right left through

roll away

see saw

slide along set


star promenade

swat the flea


up the hall