A Long Courtship

by: Don Veino

formation: Becket

A1 8
ladles chain
mad robin, ladles in front, counterclockwise around neighbors - look away toward next neighbors
circle left 4 places (with next neighbors)
neighbors swing
B1 16
gentlespoons start a full hey - lefts in center, rights on ends - ladles ricochet second time
B2 16
partners meltdown swing

http://veino.com/blog/?p=2298 :

This dance came out of a discussion Will Mentor and I had about writing a dance which built up and defied expectations regarding when you’d get together with your partner. It was briefly titled “Finally!” during testing. Have received really positive dancer feedback on this (it’s pretty cool when dancers seek you out at the end of the evening to praise/discuss a particular dance – you know it brought them joy. 🙂 ).


user: Chet Gray

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