A Drunken Fireworks Display (variation 2)

hook: Stars, double progression, climaxing to Hey and Sw

by: Jonathan Janzen

formation: Becket, Double Progression

Make note that the progression is very quick; each star is only 4 beats. When you are out, turn alone immediately and be ready to Allemande new neighbors by the Left, as there are only 4 beats to do so.

A1 8
ladles chain
star right 2 places
star left 2 places next couple
A2 8
next neighbors allemande left once
ladles allemande right 1½
B1 16
partners start a hey - lefts on ends, rights in center - until partners meet the second time
B2 16
partners balance & swing ⁋

This dance is the second installment in my "Screwing with Gene Hubert's Butter Until it's Unrecognizable as Such" series.
I have always loved the dance called Butter, by Gene Hubert, so as an homage to such a wonderful Caller and Choreographer, I've been playing around with the dance in different and unique ways.


user: Jonathan Janzen

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