Geometric Discretion

hook: Clockwise version of "Geometric Indiscretion"

by: Michael Fuerst

formation: Becket cw

Initially have dancers note the couple
on left diagonal as previous neighbors,
the couple across as current neighbors, and
the couple on the right diagonal as next neighbors.

A1 8
Forward and back with current neighbors
Promenade across, but at end of the courtesy turn shift to face couple who had been on left diagonal (previous neighbors)
A2 8
Star left 3 places, end facing current neighbors
dos-si-do current neighbor, finish in long waves, gentlespoons facing in, ladles out, previous neighbors' left and current neighbors' right hands joined.
B1 8
Balance towards and the away person in right hand (current neighbor faced at start of A1), and spin or slide by this person to face a new neighbor
new neighbors swing
B2 8
balance the circle and slide/spin right one place (or circle left 3/4)
swing partner

End effect advice for dancers:
(1) Partners will find themselves at ends during parts of three consecutive cycles through the dance.
(2) Dance as much as you can, with partner across set if no neighbor present (for do-si-do, seesaw and long wavy lines and spin by)
(3) If no couple to with whom to star left 3 places, do so with an imaginary couple (VERY IMPORTANT)
(4) If everyone swinging either a neighbor or partner, swing with partner

Alternatives for second part of A2
(a) See-saw this previous neighbor Note: At end of
star, the ladles can guide the gentlespoons's wrists into the see-saw.

(B) allemande right current neighbor, allemande left previous neighbor
Both of these finish in long waves as above.

(Composed December 1999; edited and augmented September 2019)


user: Michael Fuerst

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