Pivot the Line

hook: pivot in a down the hall, plenty of swings

by: Jacqui Grennan

formation: improper

Couple one standing between couple two, all facing down the hall: gentlespoon 2, ladle 1, gentlespoon 1, ladle 2 (from caller's right to left)

A1 4
down the hall and turn alone towards neighbor, 4 steps, rejoin hands in line of four
down the hall backward 4 more steps
up the hall and turn alone, 4 steps
up the hall backward, bend the line
A2 8
twos gyre once
twos swing, face up to same neighbors
B1 16
neighbors balance & swing
B2 8
ones do si do once across the set
ones swing, end facing down between new neighbors

Jacqui Notes - I like calling the A1 of this dance the way I heard Rick Mohr call it at the Portland Raindance Weekend in April 2016

5-6-here we go

1-2- PIVOT- Backup, and a 1-2-and a come on back

1-2- PIVOT- Backup, and bend that line, 2's shoulder 'round

Original at http://www.jacquigrennan.com/pivot-the-line/


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