hook: poussettes to mad robins

by: Cary Ravitz

formation: Becket

A1 8
circle left 3 places
neighbors swing
A2 4
circle left 2 places
mad robin, gentlespoons in front
half poussette - ladles pull partners back then right ⁋
B1 6
half poussette - gentlespoons pull partners back then right around new neighbors
mad robin, gentlespoons in front and left of this neighbor
gentlespoons pass by right shoulders
B2 16
partners balance & swing

Cary Ravitz notes: Re-enter the dance with ladles on the left.

The original version of this dance reversed the mad robin and 1/2 poussette in B1 - with new neighbors, ladles step forward and left to start a mad robin (6), (with these neighbors) gentlespoons pull partners to start a 1/2 poussette (6), gentlespoons pass right (4). This works well, but I prefer it as noted here.

Songbird was written for Janet Bertog, who asked for a different setting of the mad robin / 1/2 poussette / mad robin / 1/2 poussette sequence from Rough Ride by Tom Hinds.

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