Madame Butterfly Whirl

hook: Ladles star promenade to a swing

by: Adam Carlson

formation: improper

A1 8
star right - hands across - 4 places - gentlespoons drop out at home, ladles switch to an allemande grip
ladles allemande right once
A2 4
ladles star promenade right ½ - ladles pick up your partner with arm above the gentlespoon's
partners swing
B1 8
gentlespoons allemande left 1½
neighbors swing
B2 8
circle left 4 places
star left - hands across - 4 places ⁋

There are some subtle transitions. In A1, the ladles need to switch from a hands-across star grip to an allemande grip. In A2, the ladles pick up their partner, but the gentlespoon is also sort of picking up their partner. The ladle has their arm up on the gentlespoons shoulder, and the gentlespoon's arm should be slightly below to ease the transition into a swing.

Also, since it's usually gentlespoons doing a star promenade, I teach the need for the ladles to really give weight in the allemande and push off at the end.


user: Adam Carlson

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