Henry & Jacqui

hook: double progression petronella to swing transition

by: Scott Higgs

formation: Becket ccw

introduce shadows as in *

A1 8
right left through
left diagonal ladles chain
A2 8
next neighbors promenade
ladles chain to shadow *
B1 8
balance & petronella, catch neighbor from other ring ⁋
neighbors swing **
B2 8
balance & petronella ⁋
partners swing

now take hands in a ring, and look diagonally right to a different ring---this is the neighbor you'll swing in 4 seconds
take hands in new ring, look diagonally right to a different ring---there's your partner

Henry & Jacqui vs Jacqui & Henry, notes from Scott:
These dances are identical in the Bs. The petronella-to-swing transition is the highlight of each, but the set-up varies dramatically. The original, easy dance (H&J) is a bit repetitive in the As, and is double-progression. It took years of experimentation (many too-bland versions) to devise the latest model (J&H), which is single progression, and more challenging.

For Henry & Jacqui Morgenstein


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