Rick's Triplet #1

hook: dip & dive, roll away progression

by: Rick Mohr

formation: triplet

ones improper, twos & threes proper (though it isn't imperative to begin that way, as the A1 resets to this)

A1 16
partners balance & swing - ones face down, others face up
A2 16
dip and dive, 6 changes - inside couple arch, turn as a couple on the ends
B1 0
top two couples form a ring of four
balance in a ring of four
gentlespoons roll away neighbors with a half sashay - top two ladles from left to right along the set
all form a ring of six
balance in a ring of six
gentlespoons roll away next neighbors (bottom two with neighbor along the set, top with partner across the set)
B2 4
balance in a ring of six
circle left 6 places ⁋


Ted Sannella wrote many wonderful triplets and popularized the formation for contra dancers. The best triplets give a short intimate dancing experience with a zesty all-moving contra feel and the added variety of 3-couple figures.

A2's "dip and dive" starts with couples 1 and 2 trading places, couple 1 ducking under couple 2's arch. Then couples 1 and 3 trade places, couple 1 arching over couple 3, while couple 2 does a California twirl at the top. Then couple 3 arches over couple 2 while couple 1 does a California twirl at the bottom. After 6 such changes everyone is back home. (This figure works best if the preceding dance had a California twirl so everyone can do it smoothly!)

In B1, couple 1 moves to the middle during the first roll away and to the bottom during the second roll away. In both rollaways the ladles move to their right while the gentlespoons move to their left.

In terms of the original numbering, once through the dance leaves the couples in a 2, 3, 1 sequence.

Video: Rick Mohr & Crowfoot at Au Contraire 2011, Atlanta GA


user: Chet Gray

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