Shadow Nova variation

hook: Star to shadows’ wave, to long waves

by: Moose Flores, Stephen Ulrich

formation: Becket

Shadows: Face your partner, and look past them to the next person looking back at you.
Wave: the wave after the star is a short wave across the set, with ladles facing their direction of travel.

(optional: "gentlespoons step into the center & walk to your shadow, make a wave of four. Okay now reset & go back to your partner.")

A1 8
gentlespoons allemande left once around while the ladles orbit clockwise ½ around
neighbors swing
A2 8
right left through
star left 3 places, turn away from the star toward your shadow
B1 0
form an ocean wave - gentlespoons by left hands and shadows by right hands and form short waves
balance the wave
shadows allemande right ¾, forming long waves
balance & Rory O'More left
B2 8
partners swing
slice left and straight back ⁋

end effect: When you and your shadow have no line of 4 to join, you may wait in place to join long lines (or maybe sneak in a quick swing?).

end effect: When a couple is out at the end, wait half-sashayed to dance with your shadow, then do partner swing on your new side of the set to be ready for the slice.


user: Cheryl Joyal

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