Don't Let's Star

hook: star through to petronella, clever TMBG title

by: Deanna Rubin

formation: improper

A1 4
neighbors balance
neighbors star through
balance & petronella
A2 16
partners balance & swing
B1 8
long lines forward & back
star right - hands across - 4 places
B2 8
ladles chain
star left 4 places ⁋

When explaining the star right to ladles chain transition, I tell the gentlespoons to take a step back from the star in order to get ready to receive the ladles chain (otherwise people might be too close in the middle for it)

Also, the beginning moves should be: neighbors balance using inside hands if possible; that way they will have the gentlespoons right and ladles left hands together to do the star through; when you do that, everybody is ready to form a ring with the proper hands.


user: Deanna Rubin

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