Mr Johnson's Jig

by: Michael Fuerst

formation: Becket cw

A1 8
Circle left
Ladles do-si-do, while gentlespoons orbit clockwise 1/2 way around do-si-doing ladles to other gentlespoon's place
A2 8
Neighbors swing
Right and left through, roll away (leaving gentlespoons to right of neighbor on side opposite from which gentlespoons started dance)
B1 8
1/2 hey, gentlespoons start right shoulder, finish in long waves, gentlespoons facing in, neighbors left hands joined
Balance forward and back, gentlespoons cross set to partner's place, ladles turn over right shoulder to place of gentlespoon in her right hand (new neighbor).
B2 8
Partners balance and swing, finish facing new neighbors

Advise ladles to really turn to new neighbors place in B2, so dancers will be facing a new neighbor at the end of B2

I suspect I had a rowdy jig in mind, but any tune delineating the short swing in A2 should do.

For those not liking the odd phrase neighbor swing in A2, have the neighbors balance and swing and push all subsequent figures back 8 beats, giving partners will a short swing at the end of B2

(composed December 11 1999)


user: Michael Fuerst

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