Solstice Reel

hook: Deixe Twirl & balance square thru

by: Don Flaherty

formation: improper

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thanks Don Flaherty

A1 16
down the hall and turn alone (no turn alone) four steps No 1's center ,with out letting go of hands No 1's arch lade No 2 goes thru arch Man #2 goes across the set behind others # 1 's turn under their on arch return bend into circle (Dixe twirl )
A2 4
balance the ring
circle left 2 places
neighbors swing
B1 16
square through four - partners balance & pull by right, then neighbors pull by left, then repeat
B2 16
ones balance & swing end swing facing down the hall to go down the hall with new couple

written December 21,1989 I have always like this dance
One of the earliest balance square thru dances with a Dixe twirls


user: Don Flaherty

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