hook: Great, unique, but easy dance

by: Al Olson

formation: Improper

With a partner swing in the middle of the set, this dance requires extra room up and down the se

A1 8
circle left 4 places
neighbors swing
A2 16
Ladles chain over and back
B1 8
Partners do-si-do once and bit more, finishing with all dancers in a single wavy line in center, right hands joined with partner and left hands joined with same role person who had been to dancers' left of partner
balance right and left, quick allemande right with partner, end facing person who had been in left hand
B2 8
left shoulders around person who had been in left hand
Partners swing in center, end facing original direction ⁋

Before teaching B1's do-si-do, have dancers note the person to their left of their partner


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