Earl & Squirrel

hook: balance-heavy B parts

by: Chris Weiler

formation: improper

A1 8
ladles allemande right 1½
partners swing
A2 8
circle left 3 places
neighbors do si do 1¼ to
B1 0
form an ocean wave - ladles by left hands and neighbors by right hands
balance & Rory O'More right
balance & Rory O'More left
B2 16
neighbors balance & swing, ladles look on slight right diagonal for a new ladle to allemande

Chris Weiler notes:
Written at the Down East Country Dance Festival in Topsham, ME on March 28th, 2009 during the rehearsal period for the Festival Orchestra. Called later that afternoon during the Festival Orchestra slot in the main hall. Named for my host's new kitten (Earl of Grey was his full name) and the baby flying squirrel that he thought would be a better snack than playmate.

This was another case of creating a dance to fit the need. The title of the session was "Well Balanced Contras" and the tune sets had been chosen. I needed a dance with a <u>Rory O'More</u> style <u>balance</u> in the B1 to fit the music and the rest of the session and did not have one in my repertoire.



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