Reel Easy

by: Cary Ravitz

formation: improper

A1 8
neighbors do si do once
neighbors swing
A2 8
long lines forward & back
ladles allemande right 1½
B1 16
partners balance & swing
B2 8
circle left 3 places
neighbors allemande right once
neighbors pull by right to next neighbors :

To change from a Becket dance to Reel Easy in a medley, change Reel Easy's first figure to circle left 3/4. From a counter-clockwise Becket dance, change it to men allemande left 1+1/2.

The second half of B2 can be danced as neighbors allemande right 1+1/4, walk straight forward to (A1) do-si-do the next. But I think it is more fun to allemande right 1, lean back a bit, and pull by.

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