Totally Improper

by: Arthur Kingsland

formation: All Improper

[July 2015]
Author's notes: My first contra dances were all "proper" dances, and being somewhat contrary, the title occurred first, then I worked in appropriate moves. Of course, if you think of the head of the set being where the foot usually is then it is just a normal set re-oriented!

A1 8
double figure of 8 – ½ way – ones leading [*1]
handy hand turns 1½ times – mirror turns [ones in and down]
A2 8
double figure of 8 – ½ way – twos leading [*1]
handy hand turns 1½ times – mirror turns [twos in and down]
B1 4
star right - hands across - 2 places [½ way] ⁋
turn alone left shoulder back – one full turn
partners balance left hands
partners swat the flea [… and look diagonally right]
B2 8
first corners allemande right once [i.e. on the right diagonal – *2]
second corners allemande left once [i.e. on the left diagonal – *2]

Double figure of 8 – ½ way:
ones cross down, while twos cast up, then
ones cast up, while twos cross down

In B2 you can say goodbye to your existing neighbour, and say hello to your new neighbour (or vica versa). The "right / left corners" term has been used to describe the right / left diagonal.


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