Star's End

by: Cary Ravitz

formation: Becket

A1 8
right left through
star left - hands across - 3 places and a bit more until gentlespoons are aligned in the center
A2 4
gentlespoons allemande left ½
neighbors swing
B1 8
mad robin, gentlespoons in front
star right 3 places and a bit more so new ladles can take left hands ⁋
B2 4
ladles allemande left ½ while gentlespoons walk forward to meet partners
partners swing

Make sure to remind the dancers, particularly the ladles, to keep their eyes looking up for the next people rather than looking down at their feet.

In practice, both stars function as full stars, but noting the different alignment helps to keep the set oriented, especially on the star right before the progression


user: Nicholas Rockstroh

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