Fiddle Tales

hook: Fiddleheads with swings for both couples

by: Cary Ravitz

formation: improper

A1 16
neighbors balance & swing
A2 2
ones pass by right shoulders
ones turn left, dance around one person, then form diamonds with 1st gentlespoon in a new set facing down and 1st ladle in the same set facing up
balance & petronella
B1 8
balance & petronella, ones turn a little more to find partners
ones swing and face down to next neighbors
B2 8
ones split twos for a mirror do si do
twos swing and face up to current neighbors

Cary notes:

"The central figures of this dance, A2 and B1, are borrowed from Ted Sannella's Fiddleheads.

You can run this as an alternating dance (as in Alternating Corners by Jim Kitch). On even cycles, after the neighbor swing, twos cross the set, turn left, etc. Gentlespoons face down and ladles face up in the initial diamonds, and after the partner swings (both versions), ones face down and twos face up."


user: Nicholas Rockstroh

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