Adam's Trip to the Corner

hook: Triplet teaching contra corners

by: Adam Carlson

formation: triplet

triplet with couples proper

A1 8
ones and twos circle left
ones down the center at the bottom, ones cast around the threes and the twos move up so the ones end up between the twos and threes
A2 16
ones contra corners
B1 16
partners balance & swing
B2 8
ones up the center cast round the outside and down to the bottom, threes move up
long lines forward & back

In the first half of B2, the twos and threes can adjust to be proper if they ended the swing on the wrong side.

Traditionally only the ones would balance and swing in B1, but it's more fun if everyone gets a chance.

Based on Ted's Triplet #7, but easier for beginners.
Written pretty much on the fly at a Port Orchard, WA dance when only 3 couples remained at the end of the evening.


user: Adam Carlson

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