hook: no walkthrough, end up the hall to thank band

by: Martha Wild

formation: improper

If no walk-through, give advance notice of the circle right.

A1 8
neighbors allemande right 1½
gentlespoons allemande left 1½
A2 16
partners balance & swing
B1 8
down the hall and turn as a couple
up the hall and bend into a ring
B2 8
circle right 3 places
neighbors allemande left once ⁋

The hard part here is that circle right. I like this series of allemandes, also to be found in the dance, Blue-Eyed Pogo. This one is named after my cat Ozymandius, King of Cats, aka The Great and Powerful Oz, Ozmosis, Ozmolality, Ozmium, etc. The best cat ever, so smart, so interactive, so personable. I miss the little guy.


user: Allison Jonjak

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