New Dance Swing in' Tern

hook: This is a Advance Dance with gentlespoon moving in oval

by: Don Flaherty

formation: Becket

wave of 4 ladles in center left hands , right hand to Partner

A1 8
balance men move forward in oval cw ,to shadow ladles stay at home,
balance wave
shadows allemande right ½ and men pass left in center (swing thru)
A2 16
neighbors meltdown swing
B1 8
slice left and straight back to meet couple with partner
ladles gyre once in center while gentlespoons cross to partner cw
B2 16
partners balance & swing end swing with partner in wave of 4 ladles take left hands in center right hand to partner , when partners end swing they slide, men out ladles in, from the caller from top of hall couples on left man facing down and on the right gentlespoon facing up to caller at end of swing with partner

A1 gentlespoons move forward in oval top and bottom couple gentlespoons must cross over to reform wave of 4 when no one is in front of them !
10-11-19 Please walk this dance thru before taking to the dance floor, any feed back would be appreciate you can E-mail
thanks Don Flaherty


user: Don Flaherty

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