Chain, Chain, Roll Away

hook: gentlespoon chains, and partner roll away progress

by: Dane Wallinga

formation: Becket

A1 8
ladles allemande right 1½
neighbors swing
A2 8
star left - hands across - 3 places and ladles drop out, while gentlespoons continue around ~3/4 more, and pull by into a
gentlespoons chain to the same neighbor they just swung
B1 8
left diagonal gentlespoons chain to shadow
long lines forward
gentlespoons roll away partners with a half sashay as lines back up ⁋
B2 8
gentlespoons start a half hey - lefts in center, rights on ends
partners swing

End effects are a bit tricky. If you're a ladle out at the end after courtesy turning your shadow, then you want to quickly cross the set for the long lines forward and back. You need to be next to your partner (across the set from your shadow, if you're at the end) so that they can roll you away for the progression.


user: Dane Wallinga

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