Rim of the Sky

hook: Zig zag with neighbor and shadow interaction

by: Nicholas Rockstroh

formation: Becket cw

Shadow 1 is next to you, shadow 2 is past shadow 1

A1 6
circle left 3 places
neighbors swing
A2 4
balance the ring
partners California twirl and face next neighbors
circle right 3 places with next neighbors
B1 8
neighbors zig right zag left zig right around two couples to 2nd shadow
2nd shadows allemande left once
1st shadows pull by right
B2 16
partners balance & swing

For those unfamiliar, the California twirl here is a Nevada twirl, which is a California twirl with the opposite hands. People waiting out at the ends should stand with the ladle on the left and the gentlespoon on the right or else the California twirl will end up leaving you facing someone of the same role which breaks the shadow action in the zig zags. Named after The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim and a line in Miracle of Sound’s “Sovngarde Song” based on the game.


user: Nicholas Rockstroh

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