The Fabulous Couple

hook: Novel wave reversal via shadow do si do.

by: Linda Leslie

formation: Becket

A1 8
pass through to an ocean wave & balance - ladles by left in the center, partners by right on the sides - look forward to the next wave for shadow, slightly on right
shadows do si do once - turn around!
A2 4
form an ocean wave & balance - ladles by right hands and partners by left hands
ladles allemande right ½
form an ocean wave & balance - ladles by right hands and neighbors by left hands
walk forward to ⁋
B1 0
form an ocean wave - ladles by right hands and next neighbors by left hands
next neighbors gyre once (new neighbor may be a bit to the left)
neighbors swing
B2 8
ladles give & take partners
partners swing

Written for the marriage of Chris Ricciotti and John Burrows, and called at their wedding celebration.

This from Bob Golder: "The Fabulous Couple is a useful dance for callers who like to assemble a varied program of dances, without too many shared elements repeated from dance to dance, since it is constructed without any circles, chains, or [larks] allemandes. Most importantly, it's a very enjoyable dance."


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