Trip to Brattleboro DV #1

hook: active ones and gentle on twos, mirrors

by: Dave Notman / Unknown

formation: improper

Setup: Improper + Ones swing your partner - and end the swing facing down.

A1 8
ones split the twos - mirror gyre
ones allemande right once +
ones turn alone over right shoulder
A2 16
neighbors balance & swing
B1 8
ladles chain
ladles chain back
B2 16
ones meltdown swing ⁋

David Notman notes:
+ starting from allemande (gentlespoon one facing down, ladle one facing up),
Ones push off and #1 ladle goes 1/2 in the turn single (or she can turn in place with four little steps), #1 gentlespoon goes 1x in the turn single.

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user: Allison Jonjak

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