A Third Easy Dance

by: Michael Fuerst

formation: Becket CCW, Dbl Prog

A1 6
ladles chain
ladles start a half hey - rights in center, lefts on ends Upon passing left shoulder with neighbor, turn sharply left and walk along set to face a new neighbor
A2 16
balance and swing new neighbor
B1 8
forward in long lines, and while coming back, roll away with this neighbor (ladles in front of gentlespoons) finishing by joining right hands with partner across set.
right and left through with a second new neighbor (pull by partner, and courtesy turn with 2nd new neighbor — on gentlespoon's right and and ladles' left).
B2 16
circle left 3/4. Partners swing on side of set they started the dance.

(1) Warn dancers of the timing in A1.
(2) Couples out the end of set (as well as any couple initially out at the foot) must always face into set with gentlespoon on right. (Savvy partners meeting at end of the set after A1 can balance and swing A2, end facing into set, with gentlespoons on left, changing places during the first part of B1.)
(3) This was originally written, and can be danced, as duple with 2's, rather than 1's, crossed, and starting with A2.


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