A Proper Whoosh

hook: same roles grand right and left

by: Chris Page, Becky Hill

formation: proper

A1 0
grand right and left along the set: [1]
same roles pull by right (1st 1st neighbors)
2nd neighbors pull by left (same roles)
3rd neighbors pull by right (same roles)
4th neighbors allemande left once (same roles)
3rd neighbors pull by right (same roles)
2nd neighbors allemande left ½
A2 0
form long waves - first corners face in, second corners face out [2]
balance & box circulate - first corners cross while second corners loop right [3]
partners swing
B1 6
gentlespoons allemande left 1½
1st neighbors swing
B2 8
ones half figure 8 above [4]
2nd neighbors do si do once (same roles) [5] ⁋

[1] End effects: Unlike most contra dances with grand right and lefts, you do not wrap around at the ends. Instead, turn around and stay in your same roles line. It's like doing a hey with hands on the side.
[2] second gentlespoon and first ladle face in. first gentlespoon and second ladle face out. You are in progressed positions, and have 1st neighbors in your right hand.
[3] Circulate: second gentlespoon and first ladle cross the set. first gentlespoon and second ladle turn around, or loop into their same roles 1st neighbors' place.
[4] Above around the twos you just danced with.
[5] This identifies the neighbors that begin the next grand right and left.


I was toying around with proper dances, and which figures felt different with same-sex neighbors. A grand right and left seemed suitable, and the framework of "Whoosh" turned out to be a near-perfect fit.

The end effects are dangerous. When your number changes, so does your direction in the wave, and the people who cross. If dancers keep acting out their original roles, things will go badly, as there's no huge recovery spot. It may be worth emphasizing.

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