hook: right hand high left hand low in down the hall,

by: Don Flaherty

formation: improper

line of four facing down the hall, have the two's step in the middle of the one"s or just swing neighbor and face down the hall!

A1 8
down the hall and right hand high, left hand low gentlespoon two in the middle , gentlespoon one turns alone
up the hall and bend into a ring and face partner (do not bend into ring) Just face partner! to pass right shoulder Or alt. face across gentlespoons pass right in center to start hey
A2 16
partners start a full hey - rights on ends, lefts in center
B1 16
partners balance & swing
B2 8
circle left 3 places and pass thru to new neighbors
neighbors swing new neighbor end swing to face down hall!

Please walk this dance thru before taking to the dance floor, any feed back would be appreciate you can E-mail
thanks Don Flaherty written 1-1-2002


user: Don Flaherty

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