Hoots and Shouts

hook: hands across star, orbit, long waves, Rory O'More

by: Michael Fuerst

formation: Becket

Initially have dancers line up improper, and make long waves, with the gentlespoons facing out and the ladles in. Advise dancers that they will momentarily reach this special position. Then have dancers circle left one place to Becket position.

A1 8
Long lines forward and on the way back, gentlespoons roll partner away with a half sashay (ladles roll in front of gentlespoons, while gentlespoons slide to right)
star right - hands across - 4 places
A2 8
Gentlespoons do-si-do and return to where they started the do-si-do, but facing out; WHILE ladles exchange places by continuing to walk in the direction they are facing (clockwise) 1/2 around the do-si-doing gentlespoons. All finish in long wavy lines, neighbors' right hands joined, ladles facing in, gentlespoons facing out.
Balance toward and away neighbor; spin (or slide) by neighbor to face new neighbor ⁋
B1 16
Balance and swing new neighbor
B2 16
Circle left 3/4; partners swing

*** Historical Notes
Dancers at 1999 Breaking Up Thanksgiving outside Chicago applauded this then unnamed dance's debut. Hence the name.


user: Michael Fuerst

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