The Baby Yoda

by: Bob Crawford

formation: improper

A1 8
circle left 3 places
partners do si do once
A2 4
partners balance
partners swing
B1 8
ladles chain
star left - hands across - 4 places
B2 4
next neighbors balance
neighbors swing ⁋

Blatantly stolen from David Kaynor's The Baby Rose shifting the figures one step (A2, B1, B2, A1). Have not checked to see if this had been done before but really needed a dance called The Baby Yoda or "The Child" from Star Wars' series The Mandalorian. Transcribed on April 5, 2020, during the COVID-19 quarantine and I was determined to do create a dance called The Baby Yoda before the quarantine was lifted so I am considering this an emergency.


user: Bob Crawford

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