Hopscotch Reel

hook: forgiving star to star

by: Chris Page & Bob Isaacs

formation: Becket ccw

At the beginning of the walkthrough, your shadow is on the far side of your partner.

A1 8
circle left 3 places +
neighbors swing
A2 8
balance & petronella
balance & petronella
B1 6
star left - hands across - 3 places
ladles allemande left ¼
MEANWHILE gentlespoons dance forward to next star ++ ⁋
star left - hands across - 4 places
B2 16
partners balance & swing

/+ This is when you notice you're facing new neighbors.

/++Gentlespoons let go, leave their star, and walk forward to the next star while ladles keep turning to complete a full turn of the star. Gentlespoons will join the star directly behind their shadow.
(Gentlespoons stay on their side of the set for the walk forward, and do not cross the set.)

End effects: gentlespoons go to where their shadow is.

Chris Page notes:
A nice teaching tip I picked up from Will Mentor -- freeze the action after the first star. At this point, gentlespoons can see their shadow in front of them in the next star. Gentlespoons want to walk forward, ending up where their shadow is currently standing. Meanwhile ladles turn by the left 1/4.

The star-to-star transition is like "Susie's Reel" by David Kaynor, but unlike "Susie's Reel," you don't go into the multi-set interlocking action directly out of a swing. This makes it much more forgiving.


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