It Started on Facebook

by: Michael Fuerst and Nicholas Rockstroh

formation: Becket CCW

A1 8
right left through
left diagonal ladles chain
A2 8
star left - wrist grip - 3 places
partners do si do once (end in long wavy lines, gentlespoons facing in, partners right hands joined, gentlespoons facing a new neighbor's back.)
B1 8
balance and box circulate (gentlespoons cross set, ladles loop right to where partner had been; gentlespoons now facing out, new neighbors right hands joined)
balance (right and left)
promenade 3 places CW aroumd group of 4 (actually takes 6-8 beats)
B2 12
partners swing (12-14 beats to swing or balance and swing)

A1 and the first half of A2 were posted by Nicholas Rockstroh as part of a Facebook discussion of a dance he was writing


user: Michael Fuerst

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