Three Rights and Lefts Don't Make a Wrong

hook: Three uniquely different rights and lefts

by: Michael Fuerst

formation: Becket clockwise

A1 8
left diagonal right left through if another couple there
balance the circle, shift right one place (Or half hey, ladles start right shoulders, gentlespoons ricochet)
A2 16
neighbors balance and swing on side of set ladles started the dance
B1 8
balance in a circle, starting on left foot, shift left one place (or star left 3 places)
partners swing
B2 8
Right and left through on 1/2 right diagonal. (*See below)
right and left through across
  • Gentlespoons pull by gentlespoon in their current foursome; ladles pull by ladle in the next foursome, courtesy turn with partner, adjust so facing couples contain the ladles who pulled by each other. (Really just a way to cross set with partners and finish facing couple who had been on the right diagonal)

Teaching hints (very important to explain to dancers):
(1) Once dancers have lined up, emphasize when partners pop off the
end, on either the left or right diagonal, they must switch sides,
and wait to re-enter the dance on the opposite diagonal.
(2) Near the ends the dancers
(a) stay put if there is no couple for the left diagonal R&L
(b) ALWAYS participate in the in R&L on the 1/2 diagonal
one person in their couple pulling by a ghost. (Best explained while teaching this.


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