La Grande Voyage

hook: Petronella with a twist - Double progression

by: Adam Carlson

formation: Becket

If there's no one to do the diagonal right and left through with, don't move, wait on the side for the ladles allemande. There will be people to dance with in 8 beats. If you're out at the bottom wait on the side with your partner and come in on the diagonal right and left through.

Like many double progression dances, this is better with an odd number of people in the set, as you have almost no interaction with every other couple.

A1 8
left diagonal right left through
ladles allemande right 1½
A2 16
neighbors balance & swing
B1 4
balance the ring
Leapfrog - Gentlespoons don't move - roll your partner from across to your side
balance the ring
Leapfrog - Ladles don't move - roll your partner from side to across the set
B2 4
balance the ring - gentlespoons bring your partner home to your side
partners swing

Caller notes

Leapfrog - Like petronella but you take turns with your partner and move two places, leapfrogging each other around the square. Each time through, one person is the anchor, they stay still and don't move. They roll their partner diagonally around the petronella square from their left hand to their right.

How I teach it

Gentlespoons, you're the anchor. You stand still and don't move. Your partner is across the set from you in your left hand. You want them next to you on your right. Draw them towards you, roll them to your right hand and send them to where your neighbor is now.
Balance the ring
Ladles, now you're the anchor. Don't move! Your partner is next to you in your left hand. You want them across the set from you. Draw them towards you then roll them to your right hand and send them across the set.
Balance the ring
Gentlespoons, bring your partner home for a swing. End looking on the left diagonal.

Author notes

I wrote this dance during the drive from Seattle to La Grande, OR, where I was calling a dance weekend. Thanks to Kathy Anderson and Charles Krausche for helping me hone the dance. They originally suggested the name "Bumpercars" for the signature move, but I later changed it to Leapfrog which is more descriptive.

The dance is named in the tradition of "Trip to X" dances. It's a mash-up of "voyage à La Grande" ("trip to La Grande") and "le grand voyage" ("the great trip").


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