Goody One Shoe

hook: Intermediate diamond formation

by: Rick Mohr

formation: Becket

Form full hands fours to avoid end effects.

A1 8
ladles dance in to a long wave in the center - balance the wave
ladles Rory O'More right and one quarter more - form a diamond, not with partners; ladles in center and gentlespoons at the sides
balance the diamond
A2 4
petronella - gentlespoons turn 1/4 more
gentlespoons form a long wave in the center - balance the wave
gentlespoons Rory O'More right and 1/4 more - form a diamond, with partner; gentlespoons in center and ladles at the sides
balance the diamond
B1 4
gentlespoons allemande left ¾
neighbors start a hey - rights on ends, lefts in center - until partners meet the second time (neighbors, ladles, partners, gentlespoons, neighbors, ladles)
B2 16
partners meltdown swing

Micah Smukler invented the cool "waves to diamonds" sequence for his dance Goody Two Shoes; I hope this somewhat simpler dance gives it wider circulation. With a couple relaxed walkthroughs most dancers get it well.

I encourage dancers to form sets with a full circle at the bottom, eliminating end effects throughout this double-progression dance.

You could do a balance and swing in B2 instead of the gypsy and swing, but I thought the dance might have enough balances already.

Video: George Marshall & Wild Asparagus at a 2011 Guiding Star Grange contra, Greenfield MA


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