Al's Safeway Produce

by: Robert Cromartie

formation: improper

A1 8
star left - wrist grip - 4 places
neighbors allemande left 1½
A2 8
ladles allemande right 1½
partners swing
B1 6
circle left 3 places
neighbors swing
B2 8
long lines forward & back
star right - wrist grip - 4 places ⁋

Author's Notes:
The transition from left hand star to allemande left is especially nice if a New England style (hand on wrist) star is used. This is the only dance I can think of for which I specifically request that type of star in those parts of the country where the default is hands-across.
Unfortunately, the origin of the name is lost in the mists of time. All I can say is that "Al" is not Al Olson, although had I known who he is when I wrote this, it might have been. Composed sometime around 1989.

This dance is from William Watson's mirror of American Country Dances On Line
All rights reserved by the author; used by permission.
Added to database 9/14/1997; last revised 3/5/1999; edited by Russell Owen


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