Mad For Ogontz

hook: flowy mad robin to meltdown swing progression

by: Don Veino

formation: improper

A1 16
neighbors meltdown swing
A2 8
gentlespoons allemande left 1½
partners swing
B1 8
long lines forward & back
ladles start a half hey - rights in center, lefts on ends
B2 8
ladles chain
mad robin, ladles in front counterclockwise, to next ⁋

Don shared this in a facebook thread asking for atypical but not too difficult dances: You say no contra corners, so is a Mad Robin scarce in your community? This is one I wrote for MR newbies, but an experienced dancer told me it was their "new favorite all-time dance" :-). Encourage folks to not rush the B parts - take the full music and relax into it.

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Alan asked What kind of tunes do you recommend for that? My instant analysis suggests massively flowy, unpunctuated but clearly phrased things like "Air Tune" or "Tom Kruskal's". Is that your vision?
Don replied Yes, flowy with strong 8 beat hinting, particularly in the Bs. If I recall correctly it's been "sexy jigs" and "flowy marches" so far.


user: Allison Jonjak

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