Two + Two Makes 3

hook: square patter, star through and arch with three

by: Jim Hemphill

formation: proper

A1 4
second corners California twirl, pick up ladle two +
circle left 6 places
twos arch ones dive, send ladle one back to partner
A2 16
partners balance & swing
B1 4
long lines forward
gentlespoons give & take neighbors
neighbors swing
B2 8
right left through
ones half figure 8 above the twos + ⁋

Jim Hemphill notes:
A1 Gentlespoon 2 take ladle 1's left hand in his right hand, so as a couple you are facing gentlespoon 1, then do a California twirl to face ladle 2, join hands in a circle of three with ladle 2 and circle left once and about a half more then couple 2 arch and send ladle 1 through.

  • B2 To enhance the flow and give couple two something to do while the ones half figure 8, have couple two balance after couple one has passed between them the turn to face new neighbors.

A1 alternate call, 2nd corners are actually doing a move sort of between a California twirl and a star thru from square dance in that they are moving towards each other initially like the square dance star thru. I like the square dance patter and initially wrote A1 as below but changed it because more Contra dancers are familiar with California twirl than star through.

+Jim Hemphill's site lists some patter calls for both the star-through version and the California twirl version:


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