Jubilation Permutation

hook: Two partner swings and a neighbor swing

by: Cary Ravitz

formation: improper

A1 16
neighbors balance & swing
A2 8
gentlespoons allemande left 1½
partners swing
B1 8
gentlespoons start a half hey - lefts in center, rights on ends
partners swing
B2 6
circle left 3 places
pass through ⁋
next neighbors do si do once

I don't know why Cary insists on publishing the other Jubilation var. as his authoritative take on the original Gene Hubert dance -- who on earth wants to chain with their current neighbors and then immediately whip around to balance their next neighbors?

Cary, if you're reading this, put this version back on your website. It rocks and I call it all the time.


user: Isaac Banner

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