Eye Of The Tiger

hook: advance dance

by: Don Flaherty

formation: Becket

Wave of four ladles in center left hands right hand -- To Partner

A1 8
balance Wave-gentlespoons move straight to next wave -- whiles ladles slide left in center other to meet new neighbor
neighbors swing (NEW) end swing facing down the hall
A2 16
down the hall and thread the needle the couple on left arches ladle on end leads thru the arch everyone turns with out letting go , come back to form line
B1 8
long lines forward & back
star left 3 places
B2 16
partners balance & swing end swing in the place where you started swing in line of progression -ladles give right hand to partner left hand to new ladle in center ( step left to a wave of 4 in a flash!



user: Don Flaherty

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