Tempus Fugit

hook: eddying circles

by: David Smukler

formation: Tempest

Two #1 cpls facing down - Two #2 cpls spit and facing in

A1 8
down the hall and turn as a couple (two #1 cpls in line of four)
up the hall and turn as a couple (#1s turn to face nearest #2s)
A2 4
circle left 2 places (two circles either side of set) +
twos arch ones dive ⁋
pass through across the set (two #1 couples in center of set)
neighbors do si do once (the #2 couple across the set)
B1 16
neighbors balance & swing
B2 4
circle left 2 places (two circles)
partners swing (#1s end facing down; #2s face in)

David notes: At the top of A2, the circle on the caller’s left should circle left halfway, but the other one can circle right halfway (ccw). It creates an eddying effect, and the flow is slightly improved for that active couple. This small change was suggested by Nils Fredland, and I like it a lot. Since the circles go halfway around, the dance will work either way.

#2s must slide up while #1s go down the hall
#2s when out at the top must slide together and become new #1s facing down; #1s when out at bottom must separate and face in along
Making sure the #1s circle with the correct #2s can sometimes be problematic


user: Karl Senseman

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