Rollin' Outta Barstow

hook: gentlespoons mad robin, roll away, and ricochet

by: Chris Page

formation: improper

A1 16
neighbors meltdown swing
A2 12
custom 3/4 hey with ricochet (gentlespoon left, partner right, ladle left, neighbor right, gentlespoon ricochet) +
ladles roll away neighbors with a half sashay
B1 6
mad robin, gentlespoons in front clockwise +++
gentlespoons pass by right shoulders ++++
partners swing
B2 8
ladles chain
star left 4 places ⁋

Chris Page notes:
+This first is a normal half hey. Then as gentlespoons step back into the center, they ricochet while the ladles loop around, getting ready for the next figure. (If the gentlespoons didn't ricochet, this would count as a 3/4 hey with 5 passes.)
Gentlespoons ricochet: Gentlespoons, the second time they reach the center, extend both hands to each other and push off each other, going backwards and to their right. At this point all are facing across, next to their neighbor, with gentlespoon on the right, ladle on the left.

To help the transition into roll away, gentlespoons should keep their hands out after they ricochet. As ladles loop around, they can catch the gentlespoon's left hand in their right hand. The momentum of the hey should flow directly into the roll away.

+++This mad robin is meant to be done quickly, in six steps. The other two steps are used up by gentlespoons crossing the set.

++++Gentlespoons quickly go straight across the set. It's a bonus if ladles continue the flow of the mad robin by shifting slightly to their left, but that detail's likely not worth teaching.

Written for Steve Hoskinson (of Barstow, CA), winner of the auction dance raffle at Harvest Moon, Santa Barbara, 2013.

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