Gateway to Julian #1

hook: double gate double progression

by: Martha Wild

formation: Becket

A1 8
slice left and straight back
ladles chain
A2 8
mad robin, ladles in front moving to left in front of neighbor
gentlespoons gate neighbors to face into the set *
B1 8
gentlespoons gate next neighbors to face up the set ⁋
ladles gyre left shoulders 1½
B2 16
partners meltdown swing

*across the set

On the gate, the gentlespoons gate the ladles around to face ACROSS the set, so everyone is still in long lines. At that point the gentlespoons reach to their left along the line and the ladles to their right along the line, and then gentlespoons gate that next neighbor ladle on their left forward and around to end facing across the set again, at which point those NEW ladles gyre left 1 1/2.

Martha Wild notes:
For the gates, after the mad robin, neighbors take inside hands and the ladle moves forward while the gentlespoon backs up. They then take inside hands with the next neighbor along the line (for teaching purposes you can have them briefly take hands in long lines and then drop present neighbor's hand), and again the gentlespoons back up while the ladles move forward. The dance is therefore a double progression, but start it with a simple forward and back to make the end effects a bit easier to deal with. Similarly keeping it as a double progression lessens the end effect issues.

This dance flows very nicely - tell gentlespoons to have their hands out ready to catch and gate the ladle forward after the mad robin, and put their left hands out for the ladle coming from the left to catch on to for her gate. Tell people to use the music - take all your time on the mad robin.

I just got back from Labor Day Dance Away up in Julian which is why the main title.


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