Salute to Larry Jennings (Larry Jennings variation)

hook: long neighbor pull by sequence

by: Ted Sannella

formation: Becket

"Sawtooth formation", facing neighbors on slight left diagonal

A1 2
slide left along set to couple on slight left diagonal ⁋
circle left 3 places until on side of the set with 1st 1st neighbors
1st neighbors do si do once - end with right hand to 1st 1st neighbors
A2 0
grand right & left along the set (and around the ends):
1st neighbors pull by right
2nd neighbors pull by left
3rd neighbors pull by right
4th neighbors allemande left once
3rd neighbors pull by right
2nd neighbors pull by left
B1 16
1st neighbors balance & swing
B2 8
gentlespoons give & take partners
partners swing - end facing new couple on left diagonal

Give and Take:

The primary version is the culmination of Ted's updates after
Zesty Contras was published. Ted had strong opinions about
traditional values and held tightly to them. Thus he was quite
emphatic: the way he did the dance was as given above.
However, above all, Ted was the most supportive man I have
known. His encouragement of me as a caller and
choreographer was unbounded, even to the extent of
supporting my programming the non-traditional version of
his dance. We miss Ted, badly.


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