Arch & Dive



formal parameters: who, beats


Dance Figure
Attleboro Reel
ones arch twos dive ⁋
Back on the Interstate
ones arch twos dive and twos cast back alone everyone ending at home
Bale the Hay II
twos arch ones dive ⁋
Circle of Fun
twos arch ones dive ⁋
Clover's March
____ arch others dive into a cloverleaf
ones arch twos dive
twos arch ones dive
ones arch twos dive, end back to back with your neighbor.
Dive for the Dolphin
twos arch ones dive ⁋
Diving Under the Double Rainbow 0.3
twos arch ones dive ⁋
twos arch ones dive with a 2nd couple
Down the Aisle
ones arch twos dive ⁋
twos arch ones dive to next couple ⁋
Jefferson & Lincoln
ones arch twos dive ⁋
Jefferson And Liberty
ones arch twos dive ⁋
Jefferson And Liberty variation
ones arch twos dive ⁋
Jefferson's Reel
ones arch twos dive ⁋
Made Up Tonight
twos arch ones dive ⁋
Partner's Delight
gentlespoons arch ladles dive
Star Through
____ arch others dive insides arch & outsides dive
Step In Time
twos arch ones dive ⁋
Tempus Fugit
twos arch ones dive ⁋
Two + Two Makes 3
twos arch ones dive, send ladle one back to partner
Unnamed Easy Progression
ones arch twos dive to new neighbors ⁋
Waving Wheat
twos arch ones dive ⁋

Dances without Arch & Dive

Moves Sharing a Dance with Arch & Dive


balance the ring

box circulate

California twirl




do si do

dolphin hey

down the hall

figure 8

form an ocean wave

form long waves

give & take


long lines

meltdown swing

pass through


right left through

square through



turn alone

up the hall