hook: Revolving Door to Orbit

by: Andy Shore

formation: improper

Demo the A1/A2 part! (see Notes below)

A1 16
neighbors balance & swing (end cozy)
A2 8
revolving door - ladles take right hands and drop off neighbors on other side... as ladles return - slide past Partner "nose to nose"
gentlespoons allemande left 1½ around while the ladles orbit clockwise ½ around
B1 16
partners balance & swing (on gentlespoon's original side)
B2 8
ladles chain
star left - wrist grip - 4 places to next neighbor ⁋

the revolving door into the allemande/orbit is (as far as I know) a new creation and requires a demo. Ladles drop N off across the set and keep going 1/2... as this happen Gentlespoons keep turning - all slide nose to nose past partner so Gentlespoons can put Left hands into center for the Allemande and Ladles slide out to continue the clockwise orbit another 1/2


user: Andy Shore

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